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G Perfect Neck Pillow was designed & developed in 2019 with close family and friends becoming the first happy customers!

The meaning behind the company name- Letter G stands for my first name Geanine and Perfect symbolizes the very positive neck pillow performance.

After suffering many years with neck pain, migraines and frequent headaches thought to be caused by my work or simple life stressors and trying out many different pillows on the market to ease the pain, I finally decided to design my own personal neck pillow and the result was perfect for my neck. I finally felt pain free, refreshed and happy after sleeping! It's also great for powernap comfort, passenger road travel, vacation travel and when feeling unwell.

When designing the neck pillow - the key component to the G Perfect Neck Pillow development was complete quality with only pure USA materials. A super comfortable neck pillow with a zippered pillow protector, pillowcase and protective bag included!

Getting quality sleep in one of the most important things you can do for everyday well-being. 


Our Company Mission is to help many who experience neck and head health conditions, sleep disturbances and provide a more comfortable every night sleep and rest for everyone. Ultimately resulting in a refreshing and positive new day.

The G Perfect Neck Pillow Comfort Difference

The Firm Original design is perfect for frequent headaches, sleep disturbances, neck pain, tech neck strain and life stress. A cool-feeling neck pillow with firm (not hard) comfort neck support.  Made with the highest quality of USA gel shredded memory foam and natural cotton. Super soft pillowcase, cotton zippered pillow protector and protective bag included.

The Soft Comfort design is perfect for light neck support.  A super soft, light and warm-feel neck pillow.  Made with the highest quality of USA soft cluster polyester fiber, natural cotton and memory foam pieces. Super soft pillowcase, microfiber zippered pillow protector and protective bag included. 

G Perfect Neck Pillow -
Perfect Comfort and Size
for A
nywhere and Everyone!


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